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Arkansas Wildlife Action Plan Symposium

Mount Magazine State Park

September 7-8, 2010

Preliminary Agenda

September 7

  • Reports from Science Teams (Taxa Association Teams and Habitat Teams)

  • Review of Arkansas Wildlife Action Plan revisions

  • Project progress and completion reports

September 8

  • Emerging Issues

  • Selection of top 10 priorities (from each Science Team) for the next biennial funding cycle

Please contact Sandee Schultz ( at your earliest convenience if you plan to attend. Please let her know if you need lodging and meal expenses covered.


September 7

Lunch – BBQ pulled pork sandwich served with homemade potato chips, iced tea, water, and dill pickle spear.

Dinner – Chicken Roulade-chicken breast stuffed with spinach and topped with a creamy cheese sauce, served with twice baked mashed potatoes, seasoned whole green beans, rolls, dinner salad, iced tea, coffee, and water. Apple dumpling.

September 8

Breakfast – Skycrest Restaurant Breakfast Buffet

Lunch – Catfish Dinner – salad, catfish filets, hushpuppies, cole slaw, baked potato, iced tea, coffee, and water

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