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Project Reports

Project Title Key words Principal Investigator Affiliation Contact Electronic Report on File?
T1-1-1 Habitat Change for Arkansas and White Rivers       Final Report
T2-1-4 Stream crayfish NW Arkansas with emphasis on Orconectes williamsi Brian Wagner AGFC Final Report
T2-1-5 Genetic study of Illinois Chorus Frog (Pseudacris streckeri illinoensis) in Arkansas Stan Trauth ASU Final Report
T2-1-6 Home range and habitat use of Eastern Spotted Skunk in the Ouachitas Matthew Gompper Department of Fisheries and Wildlife Science, Univeristy of Missouri Final Report
T2-1-7 Status and genetics of Ouachita Mtn. crayfish of the genus Procambarus Henry Robison SAU Final Report
T2-1-8 Distribution and abundance of the Queen Snake - Regina septemvittata Stan Trauth ASU Final Report
T2-1-9 Longterm monitoring - Ozark hellbender Kelly Irwin AGFC Final Report
T2-1-10 Large river fisheries Shovelnose sturgeon and alligator gar Bill Layher Layher Biologics Final Report
T2-1- 11 Status and distribution of Bouchardina robisoni Henry Robison  SAU Final Report
T2-1-12 Status and distribution of mussels, crayfish and salamanders Spring River Stan Trauth ASU Final Report
T2-1-14 Survey of breeding secretive marsh birds in the delta region of Arkansas David G. Krementz UA-Fayetteville Final Report
T2-1-15 ID, distribution and conservation status of Pleurobema and Fusconaia Alan Christian ASU Final Report
T2-1-16 Ozark Pocket Gopher Survey Blake Sasse AGFC Final Report
T2-1-19 Assessing ecological threats to the Upper Saline River Joy DeClerk TNC Final Report
T2-1-20 Site conservation planning for the Lower Ouachita Terraces Landscape Mark Clark TNC Final Report
T2-1-21 Ecoregion Workshops/University Experts/Public Involvement Rebecca McPeake UA - Cooperative Extension Service Final Report
T2-1-22 Biology of the Blue Sucker Bill Layher Layher Biologics Final Report
T4-2 Description/Taxonomic analysis Cave Invertebrates Michael Slay TNC Final Report
T-9 Status survey of Ouachita Creekshell Alan Christian ASU Final Report
T-13 Swainson's Warbler Study  Jim Bednarz ASU  Final Report
T-14 Cerulean Warbler Study Chris Kellner ATU Final Report
T-17-1 Diana Fritillary in Arkansas William Baltosser UALR Final Report
T-17-2 Ozark Pocket Gopher  Survey, part II  Dr. Thomas Risch ASU Final Report
T-17-3 Home Range and Habitat Use of the Eastern Spotted Skunk in the Ouachita Mountains, part II   Univ. MO Final Report
T-17-4 Abundance and Distribution of Fishes in Floodplain wetlands of the Arkansas River S. Reid Adams UCA Final Report
T18-1 Reassessment of Species Boundaries in the Endemic Arkansas Salamanders of the Plethodon ouachitae Complex Using Molecular Phylogeographic Techniques (3 year) Frank Burbrink College of Staten Island, City Univ. New York Final Report
T18-2 Demography, Causes of Nesting Failures and Habitat of Swallow-tailed and Mississippi Kites in the White River NWR  Jim Bednarz ASU Final Report
T19-01 Enhancing habitat for Northern Bobwhite & Bachman's Sparrow Delta Matt Lindsey TNC Final Report
T19-02 Preserving aquatic habitat Strawberry River sediment reduction Ethan Inlander TNC Underway
T19-03 Kingsland Prairie Conservation Area Plan Mike Melnechuck, Joe Fox TNC Final Report
T19-04 Blackland prairie ecosystem habitat restoration Seth Pearson TNC Final Report
T19-05 Prairie and grassland bird habitat restoration at Stuttgart Airport-  Karen Rowe Final Report
T20-1 Status report on the Southern Cavefish (Typhlichthys subterraneus) Al Romero ASU Final Report
T20-2 Orconectes of the Ozarks Casey Dillman St. Louis Univ. Final Report
T20-3 Gene Flow and Genetic Structuring of Yellowcheek Darters (Etheostoma moorei) in the Little Red River watershed Ron Johnson ASU Final Report
T20-4 Hidden Diversity in Arkansas Freshwater Mussels: Description of new species and Genera with Determination of Species Ranges for the Genus Lampsilis Bill Posey AGFC Underway
T20-5 Long-term Groundwater Quality Monitoring program for Cave Springs Cave Michael Slay TNC Underway
T20-6 Diversity and Distribution of Freshwater Gastropods of the Ozarks Bill Posey AGFC Final Report
T20-7 Burrowing Crayfish of Southwest Arkansas Henry Robison Keith Crandall SAU/Brigham Young Univ. Final Report
T20-8 Stream Crayfish of NE Arkansas Ozarks Brian Wagner AGFC Final Report
T20-9 Mapping the Distribution, Habitat and Threats of Karst species Ethan Inlander TNC MATCH Underway
T20-10 Assessing Ecological Threats to the Spring River watershed Ethan Inlander TNC Underway
T-22-1  Little Rock City Park Wetlands - Clinton Library Steve Beck City of Little Rock Underway
T23-1 Software for SWG grants management Ian Hope AGFC Final Report
T25-01 Important Bird Areas Dan Scheiman Audubon Arkansas Underway
T26-01 Bewick's Wren distribution, abundance, habitat affinities Jim Bednarz ASU  Underway
T26-02 Sulphur Spring Hydroporus Diving Beetle Scott Longing UA Final Report
T26-03 Reducing sedimentation on gravel roads Saline River Joy DeClerk TNC Underway
T26-04 Southeastern Shrew status survey Gary Heidt/David Clark UALR Underway
T26-05 Moro-Big Pine and Blackland Prairie restoration Maria Melnuchuk TNC Final Report
T26-06 Grand Prairie restoration Dan Scheiman AA Underway
T26-07 Alligator Gar life history and habitat use in the Cache, Mississippi and White Rivers Lee Holt AGFC Underway
T26-08 Alligator Gar life history in the Ouachita River Bill Layher Layher Biologics Final Report
T26-09 Conservation Actions to implement the CCA agreement for Yellowcheek Darter restoration Little Red River Ethan Inlander TNC Underway
T26-10 Karst Faunal Inventory Mike Slay TNC Underway
T26-11  Cambarus causeyi, Procambarus parasimulans, and Orconectes meeki brevis: Crayfish distribution, status and genetics Henry Robison SAU Final Report
T26-12 Sandhill Oak -Shortleaf Pine Forests and Woodlands restoration Seth Pearson TNC Underway
T-26-13 Ecology of the Western Chicken Turtle Western Chicken Turtle, Arkansas Valley Dr. Stephen Dinkelacker UCA Final Report
T-26-14  I Safe harbor conservation Upper Saline River and Upper Ouachita River Joy DeClerk TNC Underway
T-26-15 Downs Prairie restoration Jennifer Akin ANHC Underway
T26-16   Arkansas Valley prairie surveys Bill Holimon ANHC Underway
T-26 - 17 Early successional habitat restoration Little Bayou WMA Roger Milligan David Luker AGFC Milligan, Roger W.; Luker, David R. Underway
T-26-18 Southern Hickorynut life history (mussel) Alan Christian ASU Final Report
T27-1 Arkansas Darter and Least Darter conservation Brian Wagner AGFC, TNC, St. Louis U Underway
T27-2 Bois D'Arc Forest Management   AGFC, ANHC, TNC  Underway
T27-3 Boston Mountain Ozark Highlands Woodland and Native Grass restoration AJ Riggs AGFC Underway
T27-4 Buffalo River Richland Creek Lane Bend Prairie Restoration Chuck Bitting BNR, AGFC, RMEF., NWTF, Ozark Ecological Restoration, Searcy County Soil and Water Conservation, Searcy County Quail Unlimited Underway
T27-5 Central Arkansas Glade and Woodland Restoration Allison Fowler TNC Underway
T27-6 Cherokee Prairies exotic invasives control and restoration Matt Lindsey TNC   ANHC Final Report
T27-7 Faulkner County Prairie Restoration Katherine Larson UCA, Forestry Commission Underway
T27-8 Hellbender Eleven Point habitat restoration Stephen O'Neal and Kelly Irwin AGFC, Ecological Conservation Organization, UACC-Batesville Underway
T27-9 Nacatoch Ravines and blackland prairie restoration Seth Pearson TNC   ANHC Underway
T27-10 Protection of AR valley prairies and woodlands Matt Lindsey TNC  ANHC   Underway
T27-11 Warren Prairie restoration and monitoring Mike Melnechuck TNC  ANHC  Potlatch Forest Holdings Underway
T27-12 Yellowcheek darter Upper Little Red River Ethan Inlander TNC, USFWS Underway
T29-1 Aquatic Gap Analysis Ethan Inlander TNC Underway
T30-1 Grandview blackland prairie, savanna and woodlands restoration Brad Townsend AGFC Underway
T30-2 Hobbs State Park Conservation Area oak woodland and glade restoration McRee Anderson(870) 861-5131(office), (501) 804-3250 (Cell) TNC Underway
T30-4 Benson Creek Canebrake and Bottomland Forest restoration Allison Fowler TNC Underway
T30-5 Terre Noire Prairie Woodland restoration Jennifer Akin ANHC Underway
T30-6 Wattensaw prairie savanna restoration Rob Willey AGFC Underway
T30-7 Marsh Bird Habitat Restoration Karen Rowe AGFC Underway
T30-8 Foushee Cave Conservation Mike Slay TNC Underway
T30-10 Fen and glade restoration in Ozarks Jennifer Akin ANHC Underway
T30-11 Flow Needs for Aquatic Communities in Upper Little Red and Upper Saline watersheds Josh Duzan TNC Underway
T31-02 Alligator Gar in the Fourche laFave Reid Adams UCA Underway
T31-03 Biological effects of natural gas drilling on headwater streams in the Fayetteville Shale region Sally Entrekin UCA Underway
T32-01 Gating and protecting Rafinesque’s Big-eared Bats and Southeastern Myotis Roosts Mylea Bayless Bat Conservation International Underway
T32-02 Wet Prairie Restoration for Henslow’s Sparrow and Arkansas Darter Michelle Viney Audubon Arkansas Underway
T32-03 Assessment and Restoration of Aquatic Habitats in Central Arkansas Brent Kelley Audubon Arkansas Underway
T32-04 Arkansas Valley wetlands Pullen Pond restoration Brad Carner AGFC Underway
T32-05 Sediment Reduction Middle Fork Saline River watershed Joy DeClerk TNC Underway
2010 Restoration Woodlands, Savannas and Glades Collared Lizard Wiggs AGFC   in process
2010 Aquatic flow regimes in Ozarks Magoulick  UofA Coop Unit in process
2010 Continuance Fayetteville shale headwater streams impact assessment Entrekin  UCA in process
2010 Monitoring water resources of the Gulf Mountain Wildlife Management Area to evaluate possible effects of natural gas development activities Haggard  UofA Water Resources Center   in process
2010 Sedimentation and the Yellowcheek Darter in Fayetteville Shale development Inlander TNC in process
2010 Climate Change in Montane Environments, modelling salamander risk Gifford UALR   in process
2010 Mapping Avian Responses to Climate Change in Arkansas Dan Scheiman Audubon Arkansas in process
2010 Oak Woodlands and Glade Habitats restoration in state parks Anderson  TNC in process
2010 White Nose Syndrome in bats research Risch  ASU in process
2010 Artificial roosting structures for Rafinesque Big Eared Bats at Hope WDA Sasse  AGFC in process
2010 AWAP/SWG Administration Grant Anderson  AGFC in process
2010 Morphological and Genetic Differences of Sturgeon Lee Holt AGFC in process


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