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State Wildlife Action Plan Proposals for 2009

  1.   T30-1 Grandview Blackland prairie, savanna and woodland restoration
  2.   T30-2 Hobbs State Park Conservation Area woodland and glades
  3.   T30-3 Modeling Rattlesnakes in Ouachita Mtn
  4.   T30-4 Benson Creek Canebrake
  5.  T30-5 Terre Noire Prairie and Woodland restoration
  6.  T30-6 Wattensaw Prairie and Woodland Restoration
  7.  T30-7 Marshbird habitat restoration Rex Hancock and Steve Wilson WMAs
  8.  T30-8 Foushee Cave conservation
  9.  T30-9 Rabbitsfoot Little River basin
10.  T30-10 Rock Creek fen and glade restoration
11.  T30-11 Instream flow requirements in the Little Red and Upper Saline Rivers

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Wildlife Management - Assistant Chief

Arkansas Game and Fish Commission

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