With partners, protect, conserve, and restore aquatic resources including habitats throughout 
 the Southeast, for the continuing benefit, use, and enjoyment of the American people.

The US Fish and Wildlife Service is now accepting aquatic habitat
restoration project proposals for FY 2010 funding through the Southeast
Aquatic Resources Partnership (SARP) and the National Fish Habitat Action
Plan.  The request for proposals can be viewed at  under the "Request for Fish Habitat Project Submittal" quick link on the home page.  Project proposals may be submitted through the web site, or forms may be downloaded and e-mailed to Tripp Boltin at .  Proposals must be received by October 9, 2009. 

Projects eligible for funding include those which directly restore or enhance aquatic habitat via on-the-ground modification. Minimal funding should be included within the
proposal for post-project monitoring. Additionally, projects to remove or
by pass barriers to fish migration, excluding those activities prescribed
within a license issued thru FERC, should be included. An electronic photo
(jpeg format) of the barrier(s) should be provided. Please refer to this
web address for detailed information on the Fish Habitat Action Plan and
Fish Passage funding (
Additional information regarding SARP can be found at
The project scoring criteria have largely been unmodified from the criteria
used in FY 2009.  Please review the attached project scoring criteria and ensure the information provided appropriately allows for your proposal to be easily and accurately scored. The priority estuary and coastal habitats and priority waterbodies are also available at the SARP website for reference. Projects submitted, but not funded during the 2009 process will be included in ranking projects for the FY 2010 funding. Projects
submitted prior to last year will have to be resubmitted for consideration
in this funding cycle.  As a note, the Service will add 30% of the project costs to the final
project amount for projects that are selected for funding. This is to
provide support for the administrative costs of project selection, funding,
and tracking process.

Please contact Tripp Boltin at if you have any questions.