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Arkansas Valley Species and Habitats

Arkansas ValleyArkansas Valley (Eco-Region 37)
Ecoregion 37 is a synclinal and alluvial valley lying between the Ozark Highlands (39) and the Ouachita Mountains (36). The Arkansas Valley (37) is, characteristically, diverse and transitional. It generally coincides with the Arkoma Basin, an oil and gas province, that developed as sand and mud were deposited in a depression north of the rising Ouachita Mountains during the Mississippian and Pennsylvanian eras.

Arkansas ValleyThe Arkansas Valley (37) contains plains, hills, floodplains, terraces, and scattered mountains. It is largely underlain by interbedded Pennsylvanian sandstone, shale, and siltstone. Prior to the 19th century, uplands were dominated by a mix of forest, woodland, savanna, and prairie whereas floodplains and lower terraces were covered by bottomland deciduous forest. Today, less rugged upland areas have been cleared for pastureland or hayland. Poultry and livestock farming are important land uses.

Arkansas ValleyWater quality is generally good and influenced more by land use activities than by soils or geology; average stream gradients and dissolved oxygen levels are lower in the Arkansas Valley (37) than in the Ouachita Mountains (36) or Ozark Highlands (39), whereas turbidity, total suspended solids, total organic carbon, total phosphorus, and biochemical oxygen demand values are typically higher.

Arkansas ValleyThe Arkansas River is continuously turbid. Summer flow in smaller streams is typically limited or nonexistent. Fish communities characteristically contain a substantial proportion of sensitive species; a sunfish- and minnow-dominated community exists along with substantial proportions of darters and catfishes (particularly madtoms).


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Content provided by Woods et al. 2004.

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