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State Wildlife Action Plan Proposals for 2007 (finalists)

Alligator Gar Cache, Mississippi and White Rivers
Alligator Gar Ouachita River
Arkansas Valley prairie surveys
Bewick's Wren distribution, abundance, habitat affinities
Crayfish Distribution, status and genetics
Downs Prairie restoration
Early successional habitat restoration Little Bayou WMA
Grand Prairie restoration
Karst Faunal Inventory
Moro-Big Pine and Blackland Prairie restoration
Reducing sedimentation on gravel roads Saline River
Safe harbor conservation Upper Saline River and Upper Ouachita River
Sandhill Oak -Shortleaf Pine Forests and Woodlands
Southeastern Shrew status survey
Southern Hickorynut life history (mussel)
Sulphur Spring Hydroporus Diving Beetle
Western Chicken Turtle Arkansas Valley
Yellowcheek Darter restoration Little Red River

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Arkansas Game and Fish Commission

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