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State Wildlife Action Plan Proposals for 2009

 1.   Alabama shad in the White River
 2.   Alligator Gar in Felsenthal
 3.   Aquatic insects in headwater streams
 4.   Arkansas Valley wetlands restoration
 5.   Assessment and Restoration of Aquatic Habitats in Central Arkansas
 6.   Bayou Bartholomew Channel Restoration
 7.   Benson Creek Canebrake and Bottomland Forest restoration
 8.   Biodiversity Surveys of Spring Habitats within the Buffalo National River
 9.   Biological effects of natural gas drilling on headwater streams in the      Fayetteville Shale region
10.  Box turtles in North and Central Arkansas
11.  Collared Lizard distribution in the Arkansas River Valley and Ouachita Mountains
12.  Collared Lizard distribution, abundance and habitat
13.  Collared Lizard distribution
14.  Damascus Quail Focal Area restoration
15.  Developing management protocols for Fire Ants in south Arkansas
16.  Distribution of harvester ants
17.  Evaluating Baccharis control methods in bottomland hardwoods
18.  Fen and glade restoration in Ozarks
19.  Flow Needs for Aquatic Communities in Upper Little Red and Upper Saline watersheds
20.  Freshwater gastropods distribution
21.  Gating and protecting Rafinesque’s Big-eared Bats and Southeastern Myotis Roosts
22.  Grandview blackland prairie, savanna and woodlands restoration
23.  Hobbs State Park Conservation Area oak woodland and glade restoration
24.  Impacts of pipeline crossings in Fayetteville Shale
25.  Madison Co. species response to habitat management and fire restoration of woodland and glade habitats
26.  Marsh Bird Habitat Restoration
27.  Marsh Bird management methods evaluation
28.  Modeling rattlesnake habitat in the Ouachitas
29.  Native Grass Buffer Establishment in the Mississippi Alluvial Valley
30.  Ouachita River Headwater Fish Survey
31.  Ozark Hellbender artificial structures
32.  Population genetics and monitoring Mammoth Spring Crayfish
33.  Rabbitsfoot Little River survey
34.  Sediment Reduction Middle Fork Saline River watershed
35.  Terre Noire Prairie Woodland restoration
36.  Water Mites of the Interior Highlands
37.  Wattensaw prairie savanna restoration
38.  Wet Prairie Restoration for Henslow’s Sparrow and Arkansas Darter
39.  Foushee Cave conservation
40.  Monitoring avian response to canebrake and bottomland hardwood management

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Jane Anderson

Wildlife Management - Assistant Chief

Arkansas Game and Fish Commission

2 Natural Resources Drive

Little Rock, AR 72205


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