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State Wildlife Action Plan Preproposals for 2011

  1. ATV trail pollution remediation Ouachita headwaters
  2. Bottomland Forest and Canebrake Management to Improve Habitat Quality for understory birds
  3. Characterization and Monitoring of Water Resources within the Gulf Mountain Wildlife Management Area to Assess Potential Impacts by Gas Exploration and Production
  4. Climate change effects on the phenology of use and the condition of migrant birds
  5. Continuation Assessing physical, chemical, and biological effects before, after, and during gas well construction in headwater streams on Gulf Mountain WMA
  6. Distribution and population status of Arkansas Bumble Bees
  7. Distribution, population dynamics, and habitat analyses of Collared Lizards
  8. Evaluation and Monitoring of the Impacts of Development of the Fayetteville Shale on white-tailed deer
  9. Exotic Invasive Plants in Prairies and Woodlands Developing and Prioritizing Conservation Actions
  10. Fire management at Hobbs State Park Oak Woodlands including Calcareous Glade Habitats
  11. Foushee Cave land aquisiition
  12. Habitat management in Sandhill Oak -Shortleaf Pine Forests and Woodlands
  13. Insects and lizards as indicators of glade restoration status
  14. Investigation of endangered American burying beetle habitat using GIS, remote sensing, and stable isotope analysis
  15. Investigation of proteases secreted by Geomyces destructans contributing to White Nose Syndrome in bats
  16. Phase Two Blackland Prairie and Woodland Restoration at Nacatoch Ravines Natural Area
  17. Pine Flatwoods Forever Landscape scale restoration
  18. Potential spread of the invasive Ringed Crayfish and mechanisms of displacement on Coldwater Crayfish
  19. Prioritization and Early Detection of Nonnative Invasive Plant Species
  20. Reproductive and Population Ecology of Alligator Gar in the Sulphur-Red River and Fourche La Fave River
  21. Restoration and Management of Emergent Wetlands in the Arkansas Valley Ecoregion
  22. Restoration of Emergent Wetlands on Steve N. Wilson Raft Creek Bottoms WMA in the Mississippi Alluvial Plain Ecoregion
  23. Stream Restoration of a Section of Turtle Creek in the Illinois River Watershed
  24. Survey for distribution of Spea bombifrons, Gastrophryne olivacea, Scaphiophus hurterii and Pseudacris streckerii in the Arkansas Valley Ecoregion
  25. Understanding alligator gar movements and the importance of river connectivity
  26. Continuation Monitoring water resources of Gulf Mountain WMA to evaluate possible effects of natural gas development activities
  27. Distribution and habitat use of Bell’s vireos and willow flycatchers in Central Arkansas

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Jane Anderson

Arkansas Wildlife Action Plan Implementation Coordinator

Arkansas Game and Fish Commission

2 Natural Resources Drive

Little Rock, AR 72205


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