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State Wildlife Action Plan Preproposals for 2012

  1. Assessment of a riparian obligate songbird, the Louisiana Waterthrush, and its prey, aquatic macroinvertebrates, for contamination of streams by hydraulic fracturing on the South Fork Little Red River, Gulf Mountain Wildlife
  2. Bottomland Forest and Canebrake Management to Improve Habitat Quality for Understory Bird Species of Greatest Conservation Need
  3. Developing a Conservation Action Plan for Arkansas Karst SGCN
  4. Distribution and habitat use of Bell’s vireos and willow flycatchers in Central Arkansas
  5. Effect of Partial and Complete Sounder Removal on Movements of Feral Hogs in Arkansas
  6. Evolutionary and Anthropogenic Constraints and the Present Status of an Ozark Endemic (Euphydryas phaeton ozarke)
  7. Examining the possible disappearance of the Stargazing darter, Percina uranidea (Jordan and Gilbert), in the Saline River, Arkansas, correlated with freshwater snail abundance and diversity
  8. Identification of dams that block migration and status of American eel in the Ouachita River basin and the lower Arkansas River
  9. Implementation of State Wildlife Action Plan Strategies on Sylamore Ranger District of the Ozark National Forest for CWCS Species of Concern in Limestone and Sandstone Glade Habitats and Oak-Pine Woodlands
  10. Improving Water Quality in High Priority Karst and Aquatic Habitats
  11. Inventory of the insect fauna the western eco-regions of Arkansas, with special emphasis on surveying distributions of known insect endemics
  12. Northwest Arkansas Wet Prairie Restoration for Arkansas Darter and Grassland Birds
  13. Oak Woodland, Oak Savanna, and Nepheline Syenite Glade Habitat Restoration at the Little Rock Audubon Center
  14. Phase II Implementation of State Wildlife Action Plan Strategies on Hobbs State Park-Conservation Area for CWCS Species of Concern in Oak Woodlands including Calcareous Glade Habitats
  15. Prairie Restoration for Grassland Birds at the Stuttgart Municipal Airport
  16. Ranges of the Sulphur Springs Diving Beetle, Heterosternuta sulphuria, and Heterosternuta phoebeae, endemic SGCN in Ozark streams
  17. Restoring Coastal Plain Limestone Glades, Woodlands, and Savanna of the Blackland Ecosystem at Stone Road Glade Natural Area
  18. Restoring Priority Habitat in the Arkansas Valley Prairie Landscape
  19. Restoring West Gulf Coastal Plain Calcareous Prairie and Woodlands by Reducing Woody Competition to Benefit Species of Greatest Conservation Need
  20. Status and distribution of quality habitat for grassland birds in northwestern Arkansas a strategic plan for management
  21. Stream Restoration of a Section of Turtle Creek in the Illinois River Watershed
  22. Stream Restoration of Tanyard Creek in the Little Sugar Creek Watershed
  23. Swamp Rabbit Occupancy as an Indicator of Bottomland Hardwood Forest Ecosystem Health in Arkansas
  24. White Nose Syndrome Pathogenicity of Geomyces destructans and the Role of Secreted Extracellular Enzymes in Host Pathogen Ecology
  25. Year 4 of assessing physical, chemical, and biological effects before, after, and during gas well construction in the main stem and tributaries of South Fork Little Red River on Gulf Mountain Wildlife Management Area

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