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State Wildlife Action Plan Preproposals for 2014

  1. Avian community assemblages as an indicator of biological condition of WRP along a cover-density gradient of eastern baccharis

  2. Distribution and Abundance of the Strawberry Darter (Etheostoma fragi) in the Main Stem and Tributaries of the Strawberry River

  3. DNA barcode reference library for development of eDNA methods for detecting rare Arkansas freshwater mussels

  4. Effects of Vegetation on Nesting Success of Painted Bunting (Passerina ciris)

  5. Enhancing Aquatic Connectivity for Multiple SGCN in Cub Creek, Middle Fork Saline River Watershed

  6. Evaluating the benefits and use of restored grasslands for loggerhead shrikes across their full-life cycle

  7. Expanding Pine Flatwoods Habitat Management to Benefit SGCN

  8. Implementing Phase III State Wildlife Action Plan Strategies in the West Gulf Coastal Plain Sandhill Oak -Shortleaf Pine Forests and Woodlands to Benefit SGCN

  9. Invasive species effects, population status and population genetics of crayfish species of greatest conservation need in the Ozark Highlands

  10. Phase II implementation of SWAP Strategies on Sylamore RD of the Ozark National Forest for Species of Concern in Limestone and Sandstone Glade Habitats and Oak-Pine Woodlands

  11. Pre-WNS assessment of body condition and use of foraging and roosting sites in tricolored bats in NW Arkansas

  12. Reducing sedimentation and connectivity impacts from road infrastructure on water quality and habitat for SGCN in the Kings River Watershed, Arkansas

  13. Restoring Blackland Prairie on a Landscape Scale to Benefit SGCN

  14. Surveying endemic and relict insect fauna in Arkansas with an emphasis on biogeographically important regions and unique habitats

  15. Tall Grass Prairie Restoration Stewardship and Monitoring for Grassland Bird Habitat


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Allison Fowler

Arkansas Wildlife Action Plan Implementation Coordinator

Arkansas Game and Fish Commission

213 A. Hwy. 89 South

Mayflower, AR 72106

877-470-3650, ext. 1202

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