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State Wildlife Action Plan Preproposals for 2015

  1. A Survey of Ichthyofauna in the Tributaries and Main Stem of the Little River in Southwest Arkansas

  2. Aquatic Biota in the Strawberry River, Arkansas in Relation to Instream and Riparian Habitat Characteristics

  3. Assessing the success of stream restoration projects for SGCN in the Kings River, Archey Fork Little Red River, Middle Fork Saline River, and Big Fork Creek watersheds

  4. Charting Freshwater Mussel Ranges and Community Characteristics as They Existed Prior to Historic-Period Human Impacts in Arkansas

  5. Conservation of collared lizards (Crotaphytus collaris) at risk - Habitat restoration at Pruitt Glade, Buffalo National River

  6. Conserving Arkansas Karst Species and Habitats

  7. Constructing a Distributional Map for Winter Stoneflies of Greatest Conservation Need in Arkansas

  8. Distribution, Habitat, and Species Status of the Queen Snake (Regina septemvittata) in Arkansas

  9. Establishing Native Warm Season Grasses to Benefit Grassland Dependent Species at Holla Bend National Wildlife Refuge

  10. Fall and Winter Ecology of Corynorhinus rafinesquii and Myotis austroriparius in Arkansas

  11. Fall and Winter Roosting Ecology of Rafinesque’s Big-Eared Bats (Corynorhinus rafinesquii) and Southeastern Bats (Myotis austroriparius)

  12. Fall Roosting Ecology of Rafinesque's Big-eared Bat and Southeastern Myotis

  13. Fish Community Survey in the White and Cache Rivers, Arkansas

  14. Flow-ecology relationships and environmental flows assessment for the Ozark-Ouachita Interior Highlands and the West Gulf Coastal Plains

  15. Genetic examination of the Ringed Crayfish species group, with special emphasis on the endemic Gapped Ringed Crayfish

  16. Habitat Selection and Home Range Patterns of eastern Spotted Skunks in the Ozarks

  17. Habitat Use and Spatial Ecology of Eastern Spotted Skunks in the Ozarks

  18. Home Range and Habitat Use of Plains Spotted Skunks in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas

  19. Influence of fire history, fire type, fire seasonality, and burn severity on bat and avian occupancy of habitats

  20. Innovative Construction and Maintenance Practices to Reduce Sedimentation for SGCN

  21. Lower Saline River Stream Inventory and Landscape GIS Assessment, Upper West Gulf Coastal Plain Ecoregion, Arkansas

  22. Mussel Survey of Cadron Creek, Point Remove Creek and Big Piney Creek and Major Tributaries with Population Assessments for Two Species of Concern

  23. Native Fish Assemblage Structure in Relation to an Asian Carp Density Gradient in White River Oxbow Lakes

  24. Pine Flatwood Habitat Management through Feral Hog Control

  25. Pine-oak Flatwoods Habitat Restoration to Benefit AWAP Species of Greatest Conservation Need

  26. Range, population size, and habitat preference of two rare Arkansas Lepidoptera, the Texas Frosted Elfin (Callophrys irus hadros) and Linda’s roadside skipper (Amblyscirtes linda)

  27. Restoration of Tallgrass and Wetland Prairie Habitat in Northwest Arkansas

  28. Restoring Glade, Woodland, and Aquatic Habitat to Benefit SGCN

  29. Status survey and population characteristics of the Paleback Darter (Etheostoma pallididorsum) and the Caddo Madtom (Noturus taylori)

  30. Survey of Buildings Used as Summer Roosts by Bats in Arkansas

  31. Use of Historical and Current Collections to Assess the Distribution and Status of Fishes in the Ouachita, Strawberry and White River Drainages

  32. Using Environmental DNA to Delineate the Distribution of the Ouachita Streambed Salamander

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Allison Fowler

Arkansas Wildlife Action Plan Implementation Coordinator

Arkansas Game and Fish Commission

213 A. Hwy. 89 South

Mayflower, AR 72106

877-470-3650, ext. 1202

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