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State Wildlife Action Plan Preproposals for 2017

  1. Addressing Data Gaps and Conserving Karst Species and Habitats in Eastern Arkansas

  2. Baseline Evaluation for the Eleven Point and Current River Watersheds

  3. Baseline Evaluation for the Spring and Strawberry River Watersheds

  4. Cambarus hubbsi Distribution, Population Genetics and Potential Invasive Species Effects in the Ozark Highlands of Arkansas and Missouri

  5. Constructing a distributional map for winter stonefly species of greatest conservation need in Arkansas

  6. Determining the Status and Distribution of Obovaria sp. cf arkansasensis (White Hickorynut) in Arkansas

  7. Determining the taxonomic status of Least Darter, Etheostoma microperca, populations in Arkansas

  8. Development of a Statewide Freshwater Mussel Monitoring Program in Arkansas

  9. Distribution and Day Roost Preferences of Eastern Small-footed Bats (Myotis leibii) in the Ouachita Mountains

  10. Distribution and Status of Alabama Shad Alosa alabamae in Arkansas Rivers

  11. Distribution of the Eastern Small-footed Bat (Myotis leibii) in the Ozark and Ouachita Mountains

  12. Distribution of the Eastern Small-Footed Bat in the Ouachita Mountains of Arkansas

  13. Distribution, occupancy, and habitat associations of prairie-associated reptile and amphibian SGCN in Northwest Arkansas

  14. Effect of habitat and weather on regional patterns of abundance of Rusty Blackbirds in Arkansas

  15. Eleven Point River Streambank Erosion Assessment

  16. Habitat Restoration in the Beaver Lake Watershed

  17. Implementing Phase IV State Wildlife Action Plan Strategies in the West Gulf Coastal Plain Sandhill Oak -Shortleaf Pine Forests and Woodlands

  18. Phase II Stream and Wetland Restoration of Tanyard Creek

  19. Pine Flatwoods Forever II Landscape-Scale Restoration

  20. Range, population size, and habitat utilization of the Texas frosted elfin (Callophrys irus hadros)

  21. Restoring Calcareous Glade, Woodland, and Fen Habitat in North-Central Arkansas

  22. Restoring Shale Glade and Woodland Habitat in the Ouachita Mountains of Central Arkansas

  23. Revitalizing Priority Habitat in the Arkansas Valley Prairie Landscape to Benefit Pollinators and other SGCN

  24. Southwest Arkansas Blackland Prairie and Pine-oak Woodland Habitat Restoration

  25. Status and Distribution of Alabama Shad (Alosa Alabamae) in the Little Missouri, Ouachita, Arkansas, and White Rivers

  26. Using a Multi-dimensional Approach to Determine the Conservation and Taxonomic statuses of Rare Crayfishes in Northern Arkansas

  27. Using Historical and Current Collections to Assess Stream Geomorphology, and Fish Assemblages in the Spring, Myatt, Eleven Point, and Current River Drainages

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Allison Fowler

Arkansas Wildlife Action Plan Implementation Coordinator

Arkansas Game and Fish Commission

213 A. Hwy. 89 South

Mayflower, AR 72106

877-470-3650, ext. 1202

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