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Program Overview

As part of the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service’s State Wildlife Grant (SWG) program, Congress charged each state and territory with developing a state Wildlife Action Plan which provides an essential foundation for the future of wildlife conservation and an opportunity for state, federal agencies and other conservation partners to fit together individual and coordinated roles in conservation efforts across the state. As a leader of this, the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission is responsible for requesting and administering State Wildlife Grants to support the implementation of the Arkansas Wildlife Action Plan.

The State Wildlife Grants are distributed specifically for the protection and management of nongame species in greatest need of conservation identified in the Arkansas Wildlife Action Plan. The amount available is expected to be approximately $700,000.

To help ensure that monies are applied to projects that most efficiently and effectively address the needs identified by the Arkansas Wildlife Action Plan, the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission and its partners have developed a competitive grant process for the State Wildlife Grants.

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