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State Wildlife Action Plan Preproposals for 2013

2013 Preproposals

  1. Restoration of High Priority Pine Flatwoods and Bottomland Habitats along the Ouachita-Saline River Terrace for species at risk
  2. Road and Stream Restoration for Multiple Species of Greatest Conservation Need in Cedar Creek, Alum Fork Saline River Watershed, Ouachita Mountain Ecoregion, Arkansas
  3. Enhancing Aquatic Connectivity for Multiple Species of Greatest Conservation Need in Cub Creek, Middle Fork Saline River Watershed, Ouachita Mountain Ecoregion, Arkansas
  4. The Lucky Subterranean 13_Conservation Efforts to Protect Populations of Thirteen Arkansas Species of Greatest Conservation Need
  5. Invasive Species Eradication on the Winrock Grass Farm to Benefit Species of Greatest Conservation Need
  6. A Survey of the Presence or Non-detection of Long-tailed Weasels in the Lee Creek and Frog Bayou Watersheds
  7. Life history research on the special concern Southern Hickorynut, Obovaria jacksoniana (Frierson, 1912) in the White River Drainage
  8. A quantitative baseline aquatic macroinvertebrate and mussel survey of the Big Maumelle River
  9. Population status and population genetics of the imperiled Mammoth Spring crayfish, Orconectes marchandi, in the Spring River drainage
  10. Distribution and habitat use of Scaphiopus herterii, Spea bombifrons, Gastrophryne olivacea, and Pseudacris streckeri in the Arkansas River Valley
  11. Status assessment of mussel populations and host fish in the Buffalo National River, Arkansas
  12. Status and distribution survey of the long-tailed weasel, Mustela frenata, in Arkansas
  13. Distribution and Abundance of the Strawberry darter (Etheostoma fragi) in the Main Stem and Tributaries of the Strawberry River
  14. Distribution, health, and status of Spea bombifrons, Gastrophryne olivacea, Scaphiophus hurterii, and Pseudacris streckeri in Arkansas
  15. Habitat Requirements, Occupancy Estimation and Status of Primary Burrowing Crayfishes in Southwestern Arkansas
  16. Increasing Grassland Block Size and Restoring Ozark Prairie and Woodlands
  17. Restoring Coastal Plain Limestone Glades, Woodlands and Savanna of the Blackland Ecosystem at Stone Road Glade Natural Area
  18. DNA barcode reference library for development of eDNA methods for detecting rare Arkansas freshwater mussels
  19. Distribution and status of the long-tailed weasel in Arkansas
  20. Quantification of hydrologic alteration and relationships to biota in Arkansas streams
  21. Surveying for Avian Species of Greatest Conservation Need in Managed Pine Woodlands and Pine Savannas
  22. Restoration and Management of Woodlands, Savannas and Glades within the Boston Mountain and Ozark Highlands Ecoregions (Phase III)
  23. Occurrence of the chicken turtle, Deirochelys reticularia, on Arkansas Wildlife Management Area Lands

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Allison Fowler

Arkansas Wildlife Action Plan Implementation Coordinator

Arkansas Game and Fish Commission

213 A. Hwy. 89 South

Mayflower, AR 72106

877-470-3650, ext. 1202

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